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Meet Your New Favorite Natural Skincare Brand

Meet Your New Favorite Natural Skincare Brand

The skin care industry is booming my friends. New brands seem to be popping up every month claiming to be the next fountain of youth with their “game-changing” formulas. Finding a good skincare brand that’s not only effective but uses high-quality, natural ingredients can be difficult - especially when so many products out there are being falsely advertised. I’m not surprised when I find not-so-sexy ingredients like parabens and synthetic colors hidden on product labels anymore. That’s sad, isn’t it? It’s also a big reason why I hadn’t had a consistent skincare regimen - until now. 

When Erika from Brooklyn-based skincare company Oil + Water reached out to me to chat about her all-natural skincare line, I was alllll ears. Erika handcrafts her products in small batches in her studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The architect-by-trade is both artist and scientist, bringing together her deeply creative nature and technical problem-solving skills to create “intoxicating natural alternatives to conventional skincare products.” 

With her use of organic clays, herbs, and botanicals, the brand’s soaps, oils, and masks smell as if they were freshly picked from the garden. No preservatives (unless absolutely necessary) and a best-by date (~6ish months) means every batch you get is guaranteed to be as fresh as can be.

What I love most about Erika’s brand is her holistic approach to skincare. Not only are the products great for your skin, but they are also kind to the planet. From eco-friendly packaging to her 100% cotton labels, sustainability is at the forefront of Oil + Water’s mission, and it really shows. Learn more about their container recycling program and packaging materials here!

The products I use on a daily basis are the Emulsifying Balm, Gentle Coconut Soap, Face Mist, and Face + Hair Oil. Twice a week I use the Herbal Clay Mask. You can buy these separately or purchase them in a set! 

Erika gave me a super easy step-by-step skincare routine using the above products. Fun fact – a full cycle of skin-cell turnover is 28 days, so Erika suggests trying out your new routine for at least 4 weeks to get an accurate sense of whether or not it’s working for you! 

Here’s my morning routine:

Step 1 - Cleanse with Gentle Coconut Soap, then gently pat skin dry

Step 2 - Spritz skin with Face Mist until slightly damp (about 4-5 spritzes)

Step 3 - Immediately after spritzing and while skin is still damp, dispense 4-6 drops of Face + Hair Oil onto palm of hand, then distribute across face and neck and massage in until absorbed

& my evening routine:

Step 1 - Cleanse and remove makeup with Emulsifying Balm, then gently pat skin dry

Step 2 - Same as above

Step 3 - Same as above

& my twice a week routine,

because, #selfcare:

Apply Herbal Clay Mask for 10-15 mins. If you'd like to have some fun with it, you can hydrate it with a few spritzes of the Face Mist in addition to some water (just make sure you add some water first so the force of the spritz doesn't send the dust from the mask flying everywhere!)

After several months of using these products, it’s safe to say that this regimen works wonders for my skin. I get way less pimples, my skin is soft and smooth, and it’s even removed a few blemishes I’ve had on my face for a while. The best part is that I actually look forward to taking care of my skin every day now.

Here's a before and after. The left photo was taken before I started my Oil + Water routine. I will note that I was under a lot of stress from work and wasn't drinking nearly as much water as I should be! The right photo was taken a couple of weeks ago after several months of using the above products, along with beautiful natural light + more h20 😁) 


When you go onto the site to buy them (I mean you’re going to have to try them after reading this, yeah?! 😉) you’ll notice that the prices are a bit higher than your average CVS-brand product. Here’s why:

-      The high-quality ingredients in these products are organic, wild harvested and fair trade. You’re getting the best of the best in an ethical and sustainable way. 

-     Because these products are concentrated and made from potent botanicals, a little goes a long way for every single one of these items. Note how I only use a pea-sized amount of each for my daily routine. 

-      Oil + Water’s packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible (either reusable, recycled, recyclable, or compostable)!

-      You’re supporting a small, woman-owned business 🙌

-      They are personally handcrafted in small batches with love 💕

So, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a skincare brand that values your skin and Mother Nature, Oil + Water is the perfect soulmate. Use my code HIDDENHARMONY10 for a 10% off discount, and be sure to follow them on the ‘gram!

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