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Abby and I reached out to each other almost at the same time on Instagram. Her account, @SustainablyWoke, followed me on the platform and I was immediately intrigued!

Abby is a senior in college running this super cool, eco-friendly brand that sells upcycled shirts made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% organic cotton. It’s a brand that combines trendiness and being environmentally friendly, two worlds that aren’t always on the same gravitational pull. Through Sustainably Woke, Abby is determined to make consumers view fashion and sustainability as two powerful forces that can have you saving the planet and looking cute while doing it.

Why did she start the brand?

Abby grew up around people who were both passionate and responsible about sustainability. It inspired her to learn more and more about the many growing environmental issues we face today – specifically, plastic pollution in our oceans. After greater research, she soon discovered just how great of a scale this problem really is.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, 8 million metric tons of plastic is entering our oceans every year. “Ocean trash affects the health of wildlife, people and local economies. Trash in the water and on the shore can be mistaken as food by wildlife, or entangle animals with lethal consequences.”

Get this: Plastic has been found in 25% of fish from seafood markets, almost 60% of sea birds, and 100% of sea turtle species…100%!!! That’s INSANE.

15% of each Sustainably Woke purchase goes to the Ocean Conservancy’s “Trash Free Seas” project. Ocean Conservancy works to stop the flow of trash at the source, and there are so many ways for you to get involved – starting with this year’s International Coastal Cleanup which is next Saturday, Sept. 16th.

There’s power in our purchases, and with the several natural disasters that are happening on the East Coast, now more than ever do we need to band together. I am excited to be able to represent this up-and-coming brand, and play a small part in saving our oceans and our planet.

I hope you enjoy the photos below (PC: Joey O’Connor), and be sure to checkout Sustainably Woke’s line of products here!

Thriftfully yours,


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