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A Toast to Imperfection & Badassery

A Toast to Imperfection & Badassery


I must have typed and re-typed this blog post over a dozen times. What can I say? I’m nervous as hell. Throughout this whole process of developing The Hidden Harmony, I’ve been focusing on perfection. Buthello, here’s a friendly reminder to myself that perfection is b o r i n g and for me personally, it ultimately leads to procrastination. I think it’s because I’ve built up this launch for so long and now this little idea of mine that I created many moons ago is now a real, live blog. Eep! I’m excited, I’m scared, it’s no where near perfect, but I am CREATING and WRITING and DOING and these are the most important things at the moment.

*End rant* (Thanks for listening)

So hey, hi, hello. I’m Natalie. This is my perfectly imperfect blog, The Hidden Harmony, and here is my first official shoot I had with my talented gal, Gunsel. You can follow her on Instagram here!

On this particular day of shooting it was cold as hell outside, but this cozy, faux leather jacket made by mblm and thrifted from Housing Works’Fashion for Action event kept me warm, and most importantly, feelin’ like a badass.


I styled the jacket with an upcycled plaid shirt made by The Laundry Room, also thrifted from Housing Works’ Fashion for Action. This was in the ever-so-lovely Luanna from Le-Happy‘s closet. She was one of the featured bloggers at the event. What I love most about it are the bleached sections giving it that grungy feel, and the back that says “Will Work For Champagne.” I mean, wouldn’t you? This shirt was too unique to not have, so I just HAD to snag it.

Champagne 3.jpg
Champagne 4.jpg
Champagne 5.jpg

For the bottoms I chose to wear my high-waisted leather jeans from Anthropologie. I didn’t thrift these nor would I ever spend the retail price on them. They were a GIFT, and a damn good one at that. I wear these all the time going out. They actually weren’t purchased ripped like that. That was the hard work of my legs doing their thang. #GIRLPOWER  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Champagne 6.jpg
champagne 7.jpg

To tie it all together, I wore my thrifted platform booties by Aldo which put me in high spirits and added to that badass feel. The bottom of the boots have really great friction too, so I didn’t feel nervous about walking around in the icy streets so much. I got these for $12 (NO LIE) at Housing Works’ Best of Fall event a few months ago. Best part about Housing Works? Each purchase you make supports their lifesaving services they provide for New Yorkers struggling with HIV/AIDS & homelessness.

champagne 8.jpg
champagne 9.jpg

So yes, it was cold outside, but at least I felt like a badass babe who could tackle anything in her path. And let me tell you, that’s a helluva good feeling. And now, we DANCE because there’s no way I can take photoshoots seriously and being myself is the one thing I’m pretty damn perfect at.

Finding my hidden harmony, one dance move at at time.

champagne 10.jpg

Thriftfully yours,



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