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Walkin’ on Sunshine 🎶

Walkin’ on Sunshine 🎶


Joey and I have been doing photoshoots since 8th grade. From finding cool murals and fun locations to shoot at to putting together the finishing touches on that #ootd, it’s safe to say that mastering the photoshoot has become a passion of ours. Biased, but I think we’re getting pretty damn good at it. It also helps that I’ve known Joey since elementary school, and we’re both so comfortable with each other. The camera works in your favor when you’re being yourself.


It’s a hell of a feeling when all the moving parts and pieces come together to create one image that not only evokes hundreds of words and emotions but is a representation of YOU at this current moment in your life. It’s taking an outfit, a stance, a backdrop, and developing a storyline out of it.


Almost all pieces from this shoot are thrifted from my two favorites: Buffalo Exchange and Housing Works. If you haven’t gone, GO. Tons of amazing brands and unique items for great prices. The bonus with Housing Works is that all Thrift Shop proceeds help fund their mission to end AIDS and homelessness. Yup – it’s a win-win.


The Recipe

Hat – H&M

Sunnies – Unknown

Bandana – Forever21

Shirt – Brand: Ginger Location: Buffalo Exchange in Downtown Brooklyn

Belt – Housing Works

Pants – Brand: Banana Republic Location: Buffalo Exchange in Downtown Brooklyn *BRAND NEW WITH TAGS ON IT! Woot!


Hope you enjoy these photos! (More below*) All of them were taken by Joey O’Connor. You can follow him on Instagram here. And get ready, Brooklyn. He’s comin’ for ya! More outfits from Miami coming SOON.

Thriftfully yours,


Sustainably Woke

Sustainably Woke

And So It Grows

And So It Grows